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The Audio Format Switch is one that is made for persons who often need to transfer audio files from one file type to another. The program supports almost all audio file types as the input file and allows you to convert and emit an output file for 6 different popular audio file types.

The Audio Format Switch also supports batch conversion which means that you are able to convert a group of audio files simultaneously thus saving you a lot of time. The 6 file types that are supported as output format are Windows Media Audio or WMA, the widely used MP3 file format, WAV, AAC, MP4 and OGG.

The program is very easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge to do a simple conversion. Audio Format Switch allows you to easily add the files that you want to convert to the appropriate list, select the output file type and then select the convert button.

Audio Format Switch provides an easy and completed way to convert to most of the popular audio formats. With Audio Format Switch users can batch convert music to 6 major audio formats: Wave, MP3, MP4, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis. Allmost all important audio formats are accepted as conversion input: audio CD tracks, MP3, WAV, AIFF, OGG Vorbis, MP4 (audio frames only), AAC, M4A, AC3, FLAC, WavPack, ALAC, MOD, audio frames of ASF and WMV files, other compressed formats like ADPCM, GSM 6.10, Speex and other.

Product supports AAC MP4 file type - probable inheritor of MP3 due to its crisp, rich, clean audio quality rivaling that of uncompressed CD audio. AAC also has much more efficient compression resulting in smaller file size and very fast encoding. AAC Mp4 audio format is supported by major hardware and software products like iPod and iTunes.

Audio Format Switch is very easy to use. Just add the files you want to convert to the list, conveniently listen audio preview of the selected file, select the format you want to use, and then click the convert button. You can easily convert your existing music by adding whole folders and sub folders containing audio files to conversion list. High converting speed and batch conversions result in a simple and boredom-free process. Besides all this, Audio Format Switch can even automatically shut down your computer, so you can leave it running while you go out or go to bed! Software performs fast automated conversions due to its advanced encoding technology and lack of intermediary files.

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Typical WinXP machine

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